. Submission Deadline

. Decision Notification

. May 1st . Late June
. October 1st . Late November


Proposal Guidelines

Please carefully read our guidelines below. In an effort to eliminate excessive paper use and unnecessary postage costs, we are accepting electronic submissions only -- please see below for detailed instructions. Please submit your proposal and related documents as a SINGLE pdf file. The file may not exceed 10 MB.

To apply you MUST include a current checklist and cover sheet [<.pdf> / < fillable.doc>] with your proposal file. Please note that these documents are updated periodically, so be sure to use the most current version every time you apply.


The Fund for Wild Nature (Fund) provides small grants for North American campaigns to save native species and wild ecosystems, with particular emphasis on actions designed to defend threatened wilderness and biological diversity. If your project is not clearly and directly connected to these priorities, please explain the link. WE DO NOT FUND PROJECTS OUTSIDE CANADA, THE U.S.A, OR THEIR FEDERALLY RECOGNIZED TERRITORIES. Funded organizations are required to be tax exempt non-profits under the federal tax laws of Canada or the United States (I.R.S. 501(c)(3) or the Canadian equivalent). If your project is fiscally sponsored, the same requirements apply to your sponsor.

We fund advocacy, litigation, public policy work, development of citizen science, and similar endeavors. We do NOT fund basic scientific research, private land acquisition, for-profit enterprises, individual action or study, conferences, or organizations which receive ANY government funding or support. Although we commend the work of wildlife sanctuaries,  wildlife rehabilitation facilities, botanical gardens, learning centers, and habitat restoration, these are beyond the scope of our mission and for that reason we do not fund this type of work. We will only fund media projects that have a clear, significant strategic value to biodiversity and a concrete plan for dissemination of the final product.

(We strongly recommend reading about our grantees' work to find parallels, if any, with your work. View recent grantees and past annual reports for more information.)

The Fund supports biocentric goals that are premised on effective and intelligible strategies. We give special attention to ecological issues not currently receiving sufficient public attention and funding. We seek proposals with visionary and yet realistic goals to create tangible change. All proposals must be highly cost effective.

We do not consider proposals from organizations with annual budgets in excess of U.S. $250,000. Grants awarded currently range from $1,000 (or smaller) to $3,000 - please do not ask for more than $3,000 or we will ask that you re-submit your proposal. Proposals are reviewed by individuals who are very familiar with a wide range of conservation issues, so please be concise in your summary of the problem at hand, and focus on what the organization plans to do and why you think your strategy will be successful.

We will only consider one proposal per year per grantee. In the event your organization decides to apply for a new grant shortly before the one year anniversary of your previous grant, you must submit your final report contemporaneously (or early) so that the board may evaluate the previous project. If you do not submit a final report in this manner, your new proposal will be deferred until the final report is filed.

Submit one, single pdf file of your proposal and related documents by the submission deadline to the Fund at fwn@fundwildnature.org. All documents will be distributed electronically to the board members. We will respond to any problems or questions immediately. The Fund currently makes granting decisions in June and December.

In the event your organization is awarded a grant, you will receive a 'Letter of Agreement', which must be signed and returned electronically before any funds will be released. This agreement states your obligations as a grantee, including the submission of a final report. If we do not receive a final report for any funded project, your organization will become ineligible for funding. Final reporting requirements are included in the letter of agreement.

To apply you MUST include a current checklist and cover sheet [<.pdf> / < fillable.doc>] with your proposal file. Please note that these documents are updated periodically, so be sure to use the most current version every time you apply.

If you have further questions, please contact us via email at: fwn@fundwildnature.org.


At present the Fund for Wild Nature is not accepting tax-deductible donations.  We expect to resume doing so early in 2016.
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